Physical networking isn’t dead: It’s adapting

Physical networking isn’t dead: It’s adapting

I while back I talked to VMware’s Martin Casado about their Goldilocks Zone concept within the VMware hypervisor. The ability to implement security concepts such as micro-segmentation with your virtual infrastructure is a great example of this Goldilocks concept. However,

VMworld 2013 – Network Virtualization: Moving Beyond the Obvious (My Notes)

Speaker: Martin Casado (VMware Networking CTO) This post is Sponsored by – My Linked Profile Martin started out pretty well, talking about the value proposition of NSX.  I asked the question earlier how does NSX bring value to the enterprise. The

VMworld 2013 – Ask the Experts vBloggers (My Notes)

Rick Scherer (EMC) Duncan Epping (VMware), William Lam (VMware), Scotte Lowe (VMware), Vaughn Steward (NetApp) First Question was the positioning NSX from the two operational teams.  Basically, if the relationship between the server team and networking team is already strained

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