Microsoft has more than warmed up to Linux. The company which once was at war with open source has created a whole new subsystem to allow running Ubuntu’s Executable and Linkable Format (ELF). Microsoft’s Channel 9 has a detailed video on the details of the beta project. I created the below video to help introduce the concept and clarify the difference between Ubuntu on Windows 10 and a VM. Some interesting questions have been around why this is only available on Windows 10 vs. Windows Server 2016 and other flavors of the Windows. The tool is aimed at developers to provide a wide range of tools and development environments. Ubuntu on Windows allows developers to use both Windows and Linux based compilers and command-line tools. I’m sure as it matures Microsoft will make it available for Windows Server 2016. As for other desktop flavors on Windows, I’m sure Microsoft is using this as a carrot to get more developers to upgrade to Windows 10.

Understanding Ubuntu (BASH) on Windows 10

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