I spent a few hours trying to upload the Windows Server 2016 ISO to vCloud Air. The web browser plugin to enable uploading files to vCloud air doesn’t currently work.

Failed Upload

The directions say to reference KB2110191. There are a few things wrong with the KB. First is the screenshots are incomplete. They are cut off on the corners. The 2nd is that the arguments don’t match what’s in the screen shots. And finally, OVFTool doesn’t support special characters. So, if you try to embed your password in the command-line as directed you receive the follower error.

Error: Missing media, vappTemplate, or vapp key in locator

The solution is to exclude your username and password and allow the tool to prompt you for both after executing the command.

./ovftool -st=”ISO” –vCloudTemplate=”false” “W2k16.ISO” “vcloud://us-california-1-3.vchs.vmware.com?vdc=Azure&org=7389d726-3efe-2345-837a-12345a3d30f0f&media=w2k16-2.iso&catalog=Media”

I hope this saves you a ton of effort.

Error Uploading to vCloud Air using OVFTool

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