1024px-Spirent_Communications.svgNext up on my Virtualization Field Day 6 previews is Spirent. I’m familiar with Spirent from their load generating solutions. I wrote up my experience trying to troubleshoot an distributed IP multicast webcast system. One of the outstanding questions we needed to answer was if bandwidth contention was a factor in the performance of the system. Our Spirent appliance let up saturate strategic points of the network to determine if our QoS policies were effective. Prior to this use case, I’ve seen Spirent load generators used to test new circuits and general troubleshooting.

Company Overview

Founded in 1936, Spirent is a UK based company led by Eric G. Hutchinson. As of this writing they have a market cap of ~$647M USD. Spirent has a strong US presence with offices in on both coasts.


Spirent has made a big push into mobile and DevOps tools. Spirent has acquired mobile tech company Mobilethink and the technology business unit of Radvision. I haven’t personally ran into any of non-networking tools offered by Spirent. Honestly, I didn’t realize they had products beyond their traditional network performance management. I’m looking forward to seeing what Spirent presents and Virtualization Field Day 6. They’ve traditional been a strong vendor in network performance tools.


Spirent – VFD 6 Preview
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