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John Mark Troyer Founder of Tech Reckoning

Interesting edition of The Reckoning newsletter last night. One of the topics was alternative forms of blogging and the rise of podcasting. Obviously, I’ve already adopted podcasting. I’ve settled on a 3 episode a week release schedule. The format is a micro-podcast lasting from 4 to 7 mins on wide ranging topics around enterprise tech. One day may be storage, the next network and another career water cooler conversations.

What does this mean for blogging? I think there are topics best served by long form text. One it’s better for SEO and discoverability. The other is that deep topics are easier to parse and organize via written word. However, I’ll be adjusting. I’m shifting to a living page format that is more of a running blog post that changes as my information and the industry changes. Unlike a blog post where we never delete information, information may get deleted in this new format.

The first page is VMware Competition which is geared toward understanding existing VMware products and their competition.

TT 25: The end of blogging

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