Windows Server Nano 2016 introduces the concept of headless micro instances of Windows Server. These 400MB distributions offer a different take on Windows and data center workloads.

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Windows Server and Microservices – Techtalk Episode 3
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One thought on “Windows Server and Microservices – Techtalk Episode 3

  • May 15, 2015 at 6:22 pm

    Just now I read the comments on your article: 1k containers with microservices in 1TB ? Really ? That doesn’t sound to great to me.

    We have machines which run real live workloads on Linux with full containers. These are like full ‘machines’, so like VMs with lots of processes as containers, not just some single process microservices.

    Let’s take an example machine: 26 containers in 8GB of memory. If you round that down and up: 25 in 10GB, times a 1000 of them => 400 GB.

    Now remember I was also already doing that in at least 2007, maybe earlier. These at the time were all containers from the same owner, ‘tenant’ if you will. No need for fancy hardware like CPUs with virtualization extensions and without the performance loss.

    Actually, to me the use of virtualization always felt like a step back !

    For the multi-tenant security story see my comment on Techtalk 7.


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