My post regarding the topic of the value of a college degree in tech prompted a discussion with Mark Dyson on Podcast. The Voice of JobSeeker is a blog published by Mark Anthony Dyson a professional career coach and resume writer. Our conversation is in the second segment after a conversation with Jacob Share. The discussion with Jacob is around using tools such as salary survey’s like a job search tool. Interestingly enough these tools are useful for determining the potential ROI on a college degree. I used similar tools to help me in my decision to pursue a graduate’s degree.
You can find Mark’s podcast here.

Podcast: The value of a college degree to your tech career
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One thought on “Podcast: The value of a college degree to your tech career

  • May 11, 2014 at 1:53 am

    Maybe it’s just me, but so far, I focused on only one thing. Acquire as much knowledge as possible about things that both interest me and make me a useful asset. It doesn’t matter where the knowledge comes from.

    There is one other thing: you need to be well rounded as well. An understanding of the subjects related to your ‘core abilities’ really helps if you are a knowledge worker.

    But I’m kind of privileged I already have a job and thus job experiences which I can use to show I have the abilities so titles and so on shouldn’t matter much.

    If I was new to the field, I would try and find something that interests me and would give me good job opportunities.

    As programming is one of the things I do, it’s pretty easy to get work experience without already having a job: work on an open source project.

    It might also apply to other fields, as we can generalize it: do volunteer work related in your field.

    Even if you can’t do volunteer work, If possible, try to experiment in some way so you can apply your knowledge in the field.

    Try to go to conferences and meetups and talk to people in the field. Even if you only hear about what tools other people use in the field. You might learn that there are other tools that you didn’t know about it.


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