openstackI’m wondering how big a barrier is the difficulty associated with installing and managing OpenStack is to its adoptions.  OpenStack obviously has a ton of mind share among Cloud Providers and is gaining some mind share among the enterprise crowd.

However there is a big difference in skill set between companies looking to create products around OpenStack as a service and companies looking to run their operations around OpenStack.  As I performed informal and extremely unscientific interviews during VMworld, there was an obvious lack of both interest and knowledge of OpenStack.  I see these enterprise admins and potential champions of OpenStack just as they are champions of VMware.  However, even with OpenStack Cloud engineers making more money there didn’t seem to be ton of interest.

The OpenStack community isn’t standing idle and letting this perception (real or not) stop from educating the community.  There are several resources available to learn more about OpenStack and OpenStack training opportunities.  I’ve listed a few below.

OpenStack Training Market Place – A market place for training opportunities

OpenStack for the VMware Admin – The first in a series blog posts by Ken Hui on understanding and installing OpenStack from a VMware world perspective

Couch to OpenStack – The vBrown bag crew created a ton of podcast content including labs on starting from zero to OpenStack hero

VMworld – There were a couple sessions on OpenStack at VMworld that were worth the price of admission (at least to me).  VMware posts the video from theses sessions and makes them available for a subscription fee or free to VMware vExperts

OpenStack is hard but the community is providing training options
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