EMC and VMware are disrupting Server SAN

The Server SAN market is pretty new but VMware and EMC have already started disrupting the market. Both VMware and EMC have entered the competition of hyper-converged infrastructures or more specifically the Server SAN market with purely software plays. VMware with an impressive solution called VSAN (not vSAN) built around their vSphere hypervisor solution. EMC […]

Is the software defined data center a security project?

Can security be the catalyst for the software defined data center (SDDC)?  Security may be one of the one areas of information technology that’s easy to convey to non-IT executives.  The fallout from data breaches such as the one at Target highlight the enormous cost associated with failed security.  These events create opportunities for security […]

Cloud computing will need Unicorns!


I found myself in an engaging Twitter conversation (as Twitter conversations go). The question I came away with, “Are infrastructure engineers headed for extinction in the enterprise?”  I recently wrote a post how I believe enterprise infrastructure is just as sexy as enterprise software development.  I used Google and Facebook as examples of companies that […]